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At Art of Smiles Dentistry, we’re in the business of creating beautiful smiles built on a strong foundation of optimal oral health. Dr. Michael Antone believes that to provide the best dental care possible to you and your loved ones, he must remain ahead of the ever-advancing treatment, techniques, and technologies in dentistry. Our dedicated Harrison dentist continues to complete extensive education courses in order to provide the most state of the art dental techniques and procedures.

Our team works hard to make our dental office a relaxing environment where you and your loved ones always feel comfortable. In addition to providing compassionate dental care with a focus in cosmetic dentistry, we offer paraffin hand-waxes, lavender-scented dental bibs, warm scented towels, and a carefully designed homey interior to create an experience that is more like visiting a spa than a dental practice.

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We are also available after hours for emergency dental treatment.

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Comprehensive Dental Care You Can Trust in Harrison

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While our team believes every patient deserves to receive dental care in an accommodating and relaxing environment, we understand that exceptional dentistry requires much more.

At Art of Smiles Dentistry, we focus on providing personalized dentistry that uses the latest techniques and technological advancements modern dental care can provide. High-resolution digital x-rays produce the clearest images of your teeth, gums, and other surrounding structures, giving us precise depictions of your oral health for more accurate diagnosis and treatment. From there, Dr. Antone works with you to craft a treatment plan that is all your own, designed to use the most appropriate choice from our comprehensive list of services and best align with your smile needs.

We proudly provide the following dental services that include, but are not limited to:

Compassionate Dental Care with a Convenient Approach

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Part of our commitment when providing professional dental care is creating trusting relationships between you and our entire team. Whether it be during your appointment or calling into our office, we always encourage you to ask questions and express your concerns with us. We will always provide answers and comprehensive information to help alleviate your worries and fears.

Dr. Antone and his team want to make each visit as convenient as possible. We offer both online and offline options for filling out paperwork. We work in unison to meet all appointments on time, with friendly reminders by phone, email, or texting.

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Every member of our Harrison dental team holds themselves to the highest standards of professionalism and care, helping to make every visit a comfortable and positive experience.

We proudly serve the smiles of those living and working in Harrison, Lawrenceburg, Western Hills, and the surrounding Hamilton County communities. We are located on the same side of the Walgreen's intersection at Harrison Avenue and New Haven Road, just a few doors down as if you are heading towards downtown Harrison.

Dr. Michael Antone shares his wealth of experience with your smile, providing comprehensive dental care that will promote long-term health and aesthetics. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office today.

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