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Dental Exam

Simply brushing and flossing at home are certainly important. However, they are also not enough to maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime. Regular general dentistry checkups at the Harrison, Ohio practice Art of Smiles Dentistry, are imperative to achieving optimal oral health. During routine visits, which take place every three to six months, we perform a thorough examination of the entire mouth, including the teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. A qualified dentist has the right training and tools to identify any issues in their earliest stage. Immediate treatment will prevent minor problems from manifesting into serious ones.

Professional Cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning can eliminate plaque and tarter buildup much more effectively than everyday at-home brushing. At  Art of Smiles Dentistry  our gentle hygienists will utilize special tools to thoroughly clean the teeth and along the gum line. We will also floss the teeth and polish the teeth  for an extra-clean, healthy, sparkling smile. Additionally, before you leave our practice, we will make sure that you are educated on proper techniques for brushing and flossing at home. Poor at-home care can cause decay, cavities, periodontal disease, and worse, tooth loss.

Digital X-Rays

At Art of Smiles Dentistry, we are  skilled in identifying any oral health issues upon inspection, X-rays expose the whole mouth at a deeper level. We typically recommend having X-rays taken annually to identify whether any problems are prevalent in hard-to-see areas of the mouth, the bones, or gums. Exposure to radiation is much less with digital X-rays compared to conventional X-rays, and digital X-rays allow us to immediately record and store all information on a computer for greater efficiency. Digital images also allow us to see certain aspects of the mouth more clearly for diagnosis purposes.

Preventive Treatments

There are several treatments that can prevent problems from occurring in the first place. At Art of Smiles  Dentistry, we  may recommend a fluoride treatment, which involves coating the teeth with a varnish full of healthy minerals to protect and strengthen the tooth’s enamel and fight harmful bacteria. Or, dental sealants are another option, most often recommended for young children. A thin layer of a plastic, tooth-colored substance is placed over the molars to fill in and “seal” tiny cracks and grooves that are most susceptible to decay.

General Dentistry Treatments

If any issues are identified and diagnosed during your general dentistry checkup at our Harrison office, Art of Smiles Dentistry  can administer the necessary treatments. Teeth that are decayed or damaged are restored with dental fillings. For a natural look, tooth-colored composite material is used to fill cavities. When decay reaches the inner chambers of the tooth, root canal therapy may be necessary. The process involves the removal of any infected root pulp before the cavity is filled. For patients with a severely damaged tooth, a dental crown, a tooth-like ‘cap’, may be placed to restore its strength and functionality. Patients with missing teeth have multiple options, including dental implants, or for up to three consecutive missing teeth, a dental bridge may be a viable solution. At Art of Smiles Dentistry, we can also performs laser therapies for the treatment of periodontal disease.

Extra Amenities

Our Harrison, Ohio office is designed so general dentistry procedures are a breeze. Warm scented towels, paraffin treatments, TVs, and noise-canceling headphones allow patients to feel completely relaxed and at-home during visits. We want to make sure that you enjoy your time with us, so you continue to come back to have your oral health needs met. Regular visits to the dentist can help ensure a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles.

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